This exhibition hall could eat most games arenas for breakfast and still have space left over to confound the most directionally skilled craftsmanship authority. It initially opened in 1793 and was promptly stuffed brimming with taken merchandise ravaged by Napoleon’s armed forces. Graciousness of designer I.M.Pei, it presently sports a sweet glass-pyramid passage with an intelligent pool that helps get the eagerly holding up groups. The world record for seeing the Mona Lisa, Winged Victory and Venus de Milo and getting back out the front entryway is something like two hours. Visit :- เมืองอเมริกาน่าไป

Royal residence of Versailles 

Louis Quatorze positively realized how to live. Or then again so no doubt. There’s the stupendous passage, room enough to appropriately house a whole class of ill-conceived youngsters, unlimited nurseries that require a multitude of clippers and pruners, and a corridor with a bigger number of mirrors than a Las Vegas enchantment act. It’s acceptable to be the best. 

Eiffel Tower, Paris 

Worked for the global Exhibition of Paris in 1889, this monster phallic radio reception apparatus has become the metropolitan symbol for Paris as well as for all Europe. It didn’t prevail upon the French immediately” a few appealed to have it destroyed. You can even now ride the lift or you could make the world’s most renowned step climb and procure the staggering perspective. 

Mont Saint-Michel 

This outcropping town on the north shore of France resembles a sandcastle wakes up. That the tide comes in and transforms into an island occasionally adds to this enhanced visualization. 

Notre-woman, Paris 

The woman with the stone flying supports sits on the lle de la Cite in the focal point of Paris. Truth be told, hang out before the fundamental passageway and you’ll discover a spot in the cobblestones that denotes the exceptionally focal point of the city. 

Coast through Paris 

At 10pm on Friday, at the base of the Montparnasse tower, around 15,000 in-line skaters gather to begin their three-hour (30km) visit through Paris. In 1994, the Paris Roller Club transformed the once ragtag gathering into a foundation occasion that presently devours the city with skaters. It runs throughout the year, except if it’s pouring or the roads are wet.