The speaker BS300 is an incredibly smaller speaker that is advantageous to haul around and use. The Samsung BS300 speaker gives a decent volume and sound quality that is useful at the cost. The Samsung speaker BS300 is ultra minimal estimating simply 3.7 crawls by 1.8 creeps by 0.5 inch it is more slender than a motoslvr. The BlueAnt M1 sound system Samsung Speaker has on it every one of the fundamental controls for a music player like play/stop, next/past and volume. In spite of the fact that the sound quality on the Samsung Bluetooth is somewhat metallic you can’t actually gripe at the cost it is sold at.

On the off chance that you are searching for an issue free innovation that will dispense with wires all together and give you some great music for an extensively minimal price. The catches to control playback on the BS300 Samsung Bluetooth is helpful and is gains many focuses. On the off chance that you are an enthusiast of bass and don’t care for your music without some blast then I recommend you continue to look and consider a more costly model in light of the fact that the BS300 Samsung Bluetooth will most likely disillusion you. In any case, the ลําโพง Samsung speaker BS300 is extraordinary for sea shore gatherings and travels since it gives a noisy volume yield and a genuinely long battery life. Blending measure is straightforward and takes brief period. The stand gave to hold the Bluetooth BS300 speaker is a significant pleasant expansion. My solitary issue with the speaker Bluetooth BS300 was its absence of a bass lift yet I got over it fast since I turned out to be very partial to the gadget. As is commonly said you win some you lose a few. On account of the Samsung Bluetooth you win ultra minimization and lose high bass.