After hours of pondering around Facebook looking for something to do, I accidentally bump into a game I never thought possible in Facebook. This is one of the dancing games that are called Super Dance by Conduit Labs. This online dance game is all about dance, dressing up and music.

Super Dance is all about dancing! For those players that really love dancing games like those found on the console platform will surely love to give this game a try. The game starts you off by taking you to the character creation screen. From there you will have the option to name your avatar and pick how he or she should look like before the game takes you to the selection screen.

As soon you finish creating your character, you will start of your career path in Miami and from there you will have to work your way up all the way to Japan. Once you reach Miami, 3 clubs will be open for your choosing. Each club has its own challenge and songs they play when you visit them. Once you have decided which club you wish to visit, you just need to click on it and you will be taken to the desire club. สล็อตโจ๊กเกอร์

The online dance game tutorial will only begin as soon as you step into Heartbeat (club) and from there the game will instruct you to the basic control of the game. Rather easy for any age level to follow as the game only concentrate on the 4 direction key on the keyboard. During the first few levels, only 2 keys will be used which are the left and right arrow key on your keyboard. The game will get a bit tough once you hit level 5 and above as all 4 directions key will be unlocked and you will have to perform multiple key combination to perform 1 move. Do not worry too much about the multiple key combination as once you get used to the control, you will find it rather interesting.

The main goal in this game is to perform a few dance routines and to impress the audience enough to level up. Your performance will be judged upon the type of dances you choose, the key combination that you press and also how many mistakes you made during the dance. If the audience is impressed by your performance, they will be presented with a happy face. If not they will show their dissatisfaction (bored look) towards you. However, if you are really that bad, then one or more audiences will decide leave the club and the dance is over for you.

The online dance game mechanic not only focuses on this 3 categories as you still have your stamina and experience bar present during the course of the game. Stamina is used during dance and the more dance routine you make the more stamina it will consume. As you finish a dance routine, experience and money will also be rewarded after every round. The best part about this game that I notice is that the stamina bar refills itself very quickly and there is like only a few minutes waiting time till the bar is completely filled again allowing you to continue playing without much downtime.

Money is also presented in this game as it is used in 3 areas. Money will allow you to buy new dance move to impress your audience. While most of the dance moves are locked during the beginning of the game, more complicated moves will be unlocked as you level up. If you get bored of your player’s current outlook you may also invest some of your hard earn money into clothing. This is the part that some people will find it real interesting as the look you make on your avatar will actually be reflected on the dance floor.

If you are tired of just dancing by yourself, the game does provide a bit of multiplayer mode. You can either choose “Dance with Someone” at the menu option or wait till someone invites you to a friendly dance. If another player invites you to a dance you can then decide to accept their offer or continue to what you are doing. Turns out that a lot of teens and adult is playing this game as most of the people who invite you are around the age group are 14 to 30 years old.

Super Dance is presented in a Cell-Shading style type of graphic. The animation on this online dance game is very fluent and beautiful as your character will dance along with the music play without any lag or glitch (if you are not experiencing any internet connection issues). However once in a while you might notice that the game have a long loading time, but this is nothing unbearable as the game itself is a work of art for those who loves dancing game.