Most everybody who has a garage has treasures stowed away out of sight beyond the garage door. The hidden treasures for some people may be just plain junk for other individuals. After all, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure (and vice versa). Those little treasures may be the initial person’s “I Love Me” showcase, highlighting all of the accomplishments and trophies accumulated over a lifetime. If th e trophies and treasures are from a time that’s too deep in the past, the spouse might have banished the collection of treasures to become lost in storage. Read more about garage door repair Alpine Utah

Other treasures and trophies might never be stowed in the garage. It’s very most likely that Louis Oosthuizen will in no way ever need to display the Claret Jug in the garage. Trophies and awards for winning main golf tournaments, for example the British Open, are much more likely to become displayed front and center in the winner’s living room. Or maybe on unique display at the golfer’s “home” course as an incentive to the next young individual to pick up golf to believe that there is an achievable goal.

Of all of the main sports trophies obtainable for winning across the United States and also the world, it seems the one trophy obtainable that’s least likely to spend time hiding in the dark beyond the garage door may be the Stanley Cup. Not that the winners from the Stanley Cup are ashamed of it at all; very much the reverse. One more recent tradition associated with the Stanley Cup is how the NHL enables every member from the Cup winning team to have a “day” using the Stanley Cup. So every player from the winning team gets a day to host the Cup. News reports hit the wires from the Cup being the focal point for little town parades in Canada or pictures of the player drinking beer or wine from the Cup. The Stanley Cup has held a place of honor at weddings and other celebrations so why would it be hidden in the garage?

It wouldn’t be “hidden” at the rear of the garage door in these instances but much more likely the holder for the day having the party in the garage with the garage door sitting wide open. The Cup would then be the guest of honor, very much in the same situation as when an individual may be the guest of honor.

No matter what trophies are hidden at the rear of the garage door or displayed openly within the garage or elsewhere, most individuals have their trophies. Trophies that might celebrate childhood accomplishments, educational achievements, or adult awards. The trophies might represent lifetime achievement or fleeting fame but in either instance, the trophies have meaning to somebody, regardless of whether at the rear of the garage door or in the middle of the living room, signifying something was done well at some point in the owner’s life.