The short sale process is an extremely specific method and is an option to avoiding a foreclosure. If a homeowner needs to make adjustments to their finances the first step is looking at the payment they have every month for the home they live in. Whether it is an advantage to the seller or the lender the procedure is long and there are many steps involved. Read more about short sale realtor Hawaii

So, why should a short sale take as long to accomplish? It means that a house owner has to ask the lender to acquire a lesser amount than what is owed directly to them. Should you be the lender in the short sale process you would need to slowly look into the file which means the process usually takes weeks even months to obtain answers from a lender.

To get a lender to approve the process the homeowner is required to show necessary hardship. Finding yourself in foreclosure is enough evidence to prove to a lender that it is needed. Also a lender will have to hold a foreclosure be responsible for the property and any debts or taxes it incurs. In a short sale the debt is transferred for a lesser amount than owed but the responsibilities are also no longer there for the lender.

As well as being in foreclosure a homeowner should prepare the suitable paperwork to get approval for a short sale. This typically includes the short sale hardship letter explaining the homeowner’s situation, pay stubs, tax returns, and bank statements The lender will demand proof that the home’s market rate value is far less than the remaining amount of the mortgage, that’s usually where a short sale specialist steps in. Once the lender reviews the offer and package a BPO is ordered and should be proposed in an appraisal report form by an independent and reliable third party Realtor. If a homeowner qualifies for the government-backed this program under HAMP, the requirements would incorporate obtaining the HAMP loan modification first, evidence that monthly obligations exceed 31% of income and also the hardship letter are just the beginning steps for this type.

As a homeowner wanting to sell your house via short sale, you must be sure that you have submitted the proper paperwork prior to questioning why this process takes that long. Because of the fact of the time it takes for your paperwork to be reviewed and rejected as a result of missing requirement, weeks or months could have already passed so make certain your package is completed and up to date. Mortgage lenders are processing a huge selection of applications on any single time.

Second or third mortgage in the short sale process

Another point a property owner should take into consideration before asking as to why it takes a lot time to complete is a second or third mortgage. Getting much more than a single mortgage to get a home isn’t unusual. Each time a homeowner falls short of the required down payment, he/she could be forced to get a second mortgage to cover the difference. A second mortgage could have also been taken to cover a real difference between a low appraisal the bank was prepared to lend, and the larger asking cost of the seller.

No matter whether a second or third mortgage a homeowner seeking a short sale as an option to refrain from foreclosure should certainly also get the second or third lender’s approval just before the first liens approval to save lots of time in the process. This method will require time due to the fact a lender will normally not accept to let go of his lien on the house without something in return or valid proof that it is the only solution available.

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