As per the legend in la Gomera (Spanish island), there were seven spots where you could discover mysterious water, whose starting point is a puzzle. These seven streams separated from giving force, it uncovered in the event that you planned to discover love by seeing its waters. In the event that the water was perfect and straightforward you planned to discover somebody, however on the off chance that the water was dinky, at that point there was very little you could anticipate. In the town reasonable of “Beñesmén” a gathering of youths went to “Los chorros de Epina” (Epina Stream), to take a gander at themselves in the water. One of them was Gara, princess of Agulo. She leant out and toward the starting it demonstrated a quiet picture yet out of nowhere dark shadows began to show up and the water turned out to be unpleasant. Gerián, the wiseman, made an admonition: “You should acknowledge what will occur. Getaway from the fire, Gara, or it will cause you to vanish”. Gara hushed up about her considerations however the miserable feeling began to be the discussion of the town. Visit – ตำนานน่ากลัว


The days before the town reasonable, the “Menceyes” from Tenerife (the illustrious family) showed up to the town. The “Mencey” (King) from Adeje accompanied his child Jonay, a solid and attractive kid. Gara couldn’t quit taking a gander at him, and when they looked at one another without flinching, they immediately became hopelessly enamored. After that their commitment was declared, yet while the word began to get out, the fountain of liquid magma “Teide” began to spit magma with so much force that from la “Gomera” the sight was alarming. They recollected the hunch given to Gara, princess of the water,”You should acknowledge what will occur. Break from the fire, Gara, or it will cause you to vanish”, on the opposite side Jonay, sovereign of the fire (spring of gushing lava in Tenerife). That relationship was unrealistic. Terrible minutes would come on the off chance that they didn’t separate, along these lines their folks requested them not to see each other once more. At the point when the spring of gushing lava faded away and the town reasonable was finished, the time had come to return to Tenerife, yet one of the guests was extraordinarily vexed and sorrowful.


It is informed that Jonay bounced into the water in the night, while everyone was dozing and swam back to the island to meet his adored one. He had two creature bladders round his midsection to enable him to drift, it was a long and troublesome excursion, he arrived at the coast at the break of day. He went looking for his darling and when they met they held each other tight and got away through the woods of “Gomera” and past a cedar they rested together throughout the night. Gara’s dad discovered and he irately went looking for his little girl. At the point when they got them, the main way out was a sharp stick among them and that was the end. They took a gander at one another and squeezed the stick until they passed on, leaving them joint for ever after. Gara, princess of the water and Jonay sovereign of the fire gave their name to the most elevated top in “Gomera”, National Park of Garajonay.